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We’re doing what we can at Ramada Hotel & Suites Costa del Sol to make some positive changes and do our bit for environment. As a Wyndham branded hotel, we’re proud to be part of an international scheme called the Wyndham Green Certification Program. This has seen us implement a range of eco-friendly initiatives and sustainable practices so we can operate more efficiently and reduce our carbon footprint. It’s just the start of a journey towards being carbon neutral.

green glass ball in hand representing green energy initiatives
A bird sat on a branch in a woodland environment
A member of housekeeping team at a hotel carrying fresh towels

Energy efficiency

To reduce our energy consumption, interior energy efficient LED lighting has been installed across the Resort from apartments to public spaces.

Minimising water use

To help reduce the amount of water we use on the Resort, we have taken various measures like installing aerator taps, push buttons and dual flush toilets.


Recycle and reuse is central to our approach. We encourage guests to recycle too by having handy colour-coded recycle bags in all our accommodation. There are several recycling points around the Resort for guests to dispose of their recyclable waste responsibly.

Environmentally friendly

We put a lot of time and effort into maintaining our beautiful gardens, which don’t just look good but boost wildlife too. Our passionate team of gardens employ a host of green practices. They compost grass cuttings which then fertilise plants, restrict watering to the evenings and select environmentally friendly insecticides.

Reducing single-use plastics

You won’t see any plastic straws or takeaway containers in our restaurants and cafés. We’re careful to use only recycled paper, compostable plastic and cardboard containers. Our takeaway cutlery is made from sustainable wood/PLA or compostable plastic.

Recycling harmful waste

We never bin toxic items like batteries and light bulbs, instead we use a regulated company to recycle them.

Clean air

We ensure our air-conditioning units are both safe and at their most efficient by having them regularly cleaned by specialists.

Swimming pools

We use saltwater in our swimming pools rather than freshwater as it requires less cleaning and less chemicals.

Promoting sustainability

We know our guests are keen to do their bit for the environment and that’s why we proactively encourage the reuse of towels in our apartments and suites. It’s an easy win for reducing water and energy use.

Recycled paper

You’ll find that all of our toilet paper and hand towels are made from recycled paper.